Welcome to The Gossip Factory! This is the place to be for up to date celebrity gossip, rumours and scandal! 

Who are we?

We are The Gossip Factory! Founded in 2018, we aim to tell the latest celebrity news in a fun, lighthearted way.

Why are we different? 

We get you the story without all the fluff. Our stories are quick and to the point without being bitchy or mean.

How often do you update the site?

Everyday! There are always stories so make sure to come back every single day to get your celebrity gossip fix. If we miss a day we're sorry!

Can we follow you?

Sure, this is our Twitter!

We want to work with you!

That's great! For all business enquires contact us at: contactthegossipfactory@gmail.com


The Gossip Factory is for entertainment purposes. We aim to inform the public of celebrity stories that we find entertaining. As with all news, there is a chance that our stories may be false. In this case we will strive to correct our story if we find fault. 

We do not own any of the images, videos or other media posted on the site unless otherwise stated. If you believe we have used your media and you would like credit/would like the media removing please contact us immediately at contactthegossipfactor@gmail.com so we can resolve the issue.

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