Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Watch Laganja Estranja's New Music Video - 'Look At Me'!

Drag Race alum Lagaja Estranja is back with a new single 'Look At Me'. The song is amazing and super catchy but also comes with a message about discriminatory drug laws and racial profiling. We love a woke queen!

Look At Me is the lead single from Leganja's new EP Exhibit A and it's a bop! We have no doubt that this song will be played at clubs across America and will popular with drag race fans.

"...All eyes on me, i'm talking highly sighted, Leganja making bangerz, you could call me Miley Cyrus,  I don't need the keys to the jeep, I'm the engine, I maybe getting coin, but you could still pay attention"

But our a favourite line has to be, "well let me tell you something that I think that you forgot, I'll kill you with my rhymes then I hit a death drop". Iconic.

The accompanying music video takes place inside a courtroom after Laganja's boyfriend is target and arrested for drug possession. There's dancing, posing, and of course a legendary death drop all under gorgeous neon lights.

The music video would be better described as a short film and is one of (if not the best) music video and song put out by a drag race star - in our opinion of course! 

But don't take our word for it! You can check out the music video below and purchase Look At Me here


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